Paid Maternity Leave and Health Insurance

The table shows the value placed on mothers and families.  Every county on the list has universal healthcare of one kind or another and paid maternity leave, except the United States of America. The U.S.A. tells its nursing mothers, get pregnant at your own risk. The country really doesn’t care if you have medical insurance or need any money to live while you have a newborn.  Why?

Country Weeks of paid maternity leave
Iceland 105.6
Sweden 48
Norway 36
United Kingdom 35.1
Estonia 20
Lithuania 18
Portugal 17
Czech Republic 16.8
Austria 16
Latvia 16
Italy 16
Luxembourg 16
Netherlands 16
Spain 16
Germany 14
Finland 12.6
Belgium 12.3
Switzerland 11.2
Canada 9.35
United States 0

Source: Save the Children (pdf)

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